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Felicity Wardhaugh
11 July 2019

Families do not usually make sure that promises are recorded in writing or documents evidencing transactions are kept. Failing to ask the "what if" questions (which lawyers are trained to ask)... Read More

Rose Laffan
8 July 2019

Ashleigh John recently wrote about one of the recommendations from the Australian Law Reform Commission's review into family law that suggested that the Family Law Act (section 60CC) should be '... Read More

Michael McGrath
4 July 2019

It is common for a loan agreement to grant the lender an equitable charge or mortgage over the borrower's property as security for the loan, particularly where the loan is... Read More


19 March 2019

These are difficult situations but we can help you investigate the loss and raise concerns early.

19 March 2019

Whether it is a property settlement division or arrangements for children and parenting, the first step is to speak with someone about your rights, entitlements and obligations.  Meeting with a... Read More

19 March 2019

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed, you should act promptly.

You may be able to make an application for unfair dismissal in the Industrial Relations Commission or the Fair Work... Read More