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Mark Sullivan
25 January 2021

The Joint Practice Direction issued on 31 March 2020 and updated on 3 August 2020 continues to apply to all family law applications filed in the Family Court of Australia or in the Federal Circuit... Read More

Felicity Wardhaugh
22 January 2021

We are entering a new decade with hope for the future – a perfect opportunity to consider updating old documents. Given the upheaval in 2020 a lot may have changed for you. Have you married your... Read More

Mark Sullivan
20 January 2021

In family law matters parties have a duty to make timely, full and frank disclosure of all information relevant to the issues in dispute. Examples of documents regularly disclosed in property... Read More


19 March 2019

These are difficult situations but we can help you investigate the loss and raise concerns early.

19 March 2019

Whether it is a property settlement division or arrangements for children and parenting, the first step is to speak with someone about your rights, entitlements and obligations.  Meeting with a... Read More

19 March 2019

If you think you have been unfairly dismissed, you should act promptly.

You may be able to make an application for unfair dismissal in the Industrial Relations Commission or the Fair Work... Read More