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Felicity Wardhaugh
8 April 2019

It is common for family members who provide financial support for each other not to put those arrangements in writing.   It is also common for lawyers to see those family members after the event... Read More

Mark Sullivan
3 April 2019

Some relationships come, and go. Children might have multiple siblings to different fathers and/or mothers, and it is not uncommon for a change to a child’s surname to be contemplated.  There can... Read More

Tony Cavanagh
2 April 2019

Some years ago, I was involved in some litigation that arose when a man died leaving superannuation entitlements (but without nominating an intended recipient) and had nominated his partner as the... Read More


19 March 2019

Conveyancers are qualified to provide advice to clients in relation to certain aspects of property law only. Solicitors, on the other hand, have knowledge of not only property law, but other areas... Read More

19 March 2019

If you are the executor appointed under the last will, your first responsibility is to make the funeral arrangements. Once this is done, you should look to obtain legal advice regarding the estate... Read More

19 March 2019

Generally a defacto relationship is considered to be 2 years.  However, this may change depending on financial contributions or if there are children of the relationship.  Even if parties are... Read More