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Commercial & Retail Leasing Specialists

Commercial and retail leasing is a highly specialised area of law. You need the best advisors on your side when entering into a lease, whether it be as a landlord or as a tenant.

Each premises is different, each business is different and each deal is different. We have highly experienced practitioners familiar with all sorts of issues that arise during a leasing transaction ranging from the usual to the exceptional. We understand that your requirements may be outside of the norm or bespoke.

It is normal for these types of transactions to have tight timeframes. If you tell us that you need the work done urgently we will work hard to meet your deadline whilst ensuring that you receive our usual high level of advice and expertise.

We have strong connections with many commercial leasing agents and work closely with agents to close a transaction whilst protecting your best interests.

We can also assist you if something doesn’t go according to plan. If a dispute arises, you need the best possible advice in relation to your rights and obligations including recommendations to resolve the dispute to keep costs down.

Fixed Price Services

Do We Provide Fixed Price Leasing Services?

Yes. In certain circumstances, we provide fixed price leasing services. Please call our office to speak to one of our specialist practitioners to see if your lease will qualify for a fixed price service. If not, we will provide you with an estimate of our costs.

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