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Employment, Workplace

Mullane & Lindsay regularly provides advice and representation to both workers and employers in this difficult area of Law.

Workplace Issues can often lead to disputes or Court action in relation to termination of employment or contracts; wage or other financial entitlement claims; or working conditions and leave entitlements. In addition, workplace law is in a state of almost constant change, particularly due to the different policy agendas of new governments. We understand how difficult it can be for employers or workers to know their rights and entitlements in many situations. Our team can provide you with practical advice on a number of common workplace problems, including;

  • Legal rights of and obligations owed to workers and contractors;
  • Termination of Employment;
  • Redundancy entitlements;
  • General Protection claims;
  • Rights of employees on a sale of a business;
  • Workplace bullying claims;
  • OHS Issues including investigations and prosecutions;
  • Drafting and Interpretation of employment contracts and other documents relating to the supply of services;
  • Superannuation, Income Protection, and Total and Permanent Incapacity Insurance policy entitlement claims; and
  • Claims for unpaid leave or other entitlements.

Although the introduction of the Fair Work Act simplified the workplace regime in NSW considerably; the law in this area continues to change and develop.  Mullane & Lindsay can assist both employers and employees to navigate the area.

Our Employment and Workplace team is led by Consultant Tony Cavanagh and includes Solicitor Katie Thompson.

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