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Pharmacy Law

The law surrounding owning a pharmacy is complex and highly regulated. Whether you are about to commence a pharmacy business, looking to expand, planning to sell or putting your pharmacy business on the market, you need the expertise of an experienced pharmacy legal team.

We have extensive experience in providing a broad range of legal services in the pharmacy sector. We can assist you with our specialist pharmacy legal services, including:

  • Pharmacy Location Rules.
  • Pharmacy Leases.
  • Pharmacy Franchising.
  • Pharmacy Shareholders/Partnership Agreements.
  • Buying and Selling Pharmacies.
  • Applications to Government Authorities including Pharmacy Council of NSW, and
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Applications.

We help you navigate the various regulatory bodies and satisfy your compliance requirements whilst protecting your commercial interests.

We have strong connections with other pharmacy specialist advisors and can direct you to the correct industry specific advice when required.

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