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Disputes, Claims, Litigation

We understand that the best outcome to a dispute is not necessarily found in the Courts; and that the best legal outcome is not necessarily the best commercial outcome for you.

Our lawyers are trained to seek the best practical outcomes – and one that is cost effective for you. We provide clear, unbiased and objective advice to assist you to solve your problem or issue; and to help you stay in control. We won’t automatically suggest you take a dispute to Court. We have years of experience in Alternate Dispute Resolution processes such as mediations, arbitrations, conferencing and Expert referral. In many cases these will offer a faster, more efficient and less expensive way of addressing a dispute.  However there are times when disputes do have to be resolved by a Court, and our Disputes, Claim and Litigation group has the capacity and skills to manage a wide variety of matters. We can help you in areas including:

  • Insurance claims;
  • Property damage and loss of profit claims;
  • Professional or advisor negligence claims;
  • Restraint of trade and confidential information disputes;
  • Arguments over the terms of leases and contracts;
  • Winding up insolvent companies; and
  • Debt Recovery.

Our Dispute, Claims and Litigation group is headed by Director Kristy Nunn, and Special Counsel David Collins.

For Dispute, Claims and Litigation enquiries, please contact us. 


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