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What is Arbitration?

More and more parties are choosing to use Arbitration to resolve their property division matters – instead of the Family Law Courts. But what is

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Lost your Will?

Misplaced your Will? Your Will was recently damaged in a flood? Was it destroyed in a fire? If any of the above circumstances resonate with

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Maximising Your Costs Recovery

Running a court case can be a time consuming and expensive process.  Sometimes your opponent amplifies the costs and time involved by acting unreasonably.  In

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Will you help break the bias?

International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women to help inspire people to act in the ongoing fight

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To vax or not to vax

To vax or not to vax – it is the question that adults have been asking themselves and each other as we move through the COVID-19

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File Notes: Part 2

The NSW Supreme Court Recently Considered Whether A Solicitor Needed To Hand Over File Notes To A Client: Touma V Maroulis [2021] NSWSC 34. The Court Referred

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