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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Excellence and innovation leading to success in all we do for you.

Our Mission

To provide quality professional services by actively innovating, by encouraging new ideas and by embracing change.  

We do this by creating an open and supportive culture; continual training and skills development; and adopting market leading technologies and business practices.

This results in pragmatic, timely and cost effective outcomes for our clients; fulfilling work and career opportunities for our people; and premium ROI for our owners.

Our Values

Respect and Mutual Support

We are respectful, professional and courteous in our communication with our clients, with each other and anyone else.  

We share a common vision for the firm. We support each other’s work and goals and work collaboratively to achieve our goals and those of our clients. We acknowledge each other’s successes and are thankful for what others do that contributes to our successes. We take responsibility for our actions and results knowing that we have the support of those around us. We value the opinions and contributions of those around us. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor.

Financial Success

Providing excellent client service is our key focus and leads us to success.

We do this by ensuring that we meet and manage our client’s expectations and needs. We work productively and efficiently with a mindset of “doing it right the first time”. We monitor the cost of our work and seek innovative ways to do it better. We acknowledge that financial success supports and gives security to all those who work with us (and their families) and to our clients.

Technical Excellence

We continually seek ways to improve our skills and knowledge.

We mentor, share and develop the skills of those around us and openly share, as well as embrace, information and ideas. We are proud of the work we do and the outcomes we deliver. Quality in all our work is paramount and is integral to the outcomes we deliver. We support each other in continually improving all we do. 


We are honest and ethical in all our internal and external communication and relationships.

We are aware of our obligations to our firm, our clients and in the roles we perform at M&L. People trust us to adhere to our word and we ensure that we provide an open and consultative environment for our clients and each other.

Courage and Vision

We are open to new ideas that will challenge how we perform and how we can do things better.

We question the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our work and are confident to raise new ideas as well as to question them. We know that innovation and change involve elements of risk; however, we support each other to ‘give it a go’ knowing that this will lead to progress and growth in all we do.