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Deceased Estates

Reassurance and support after loss

Has a family member or a friend died? Did they die with or without a Will or is there an issue about the validity of the Will? Are there assets overseas or held in trust or in complex business structures?

Even with good estate planning in place, it is a difficult time for you and family members and if you are emotionally invested it can be hard to cope.

Our goal at Mullane and Lindsay is to help you through the loss and to help you manage the paperwork associated with the administration of the estate efficiently and with sensitivity.

Claims against deceased estates

It is surprisingly common for claims to be made against a deceased’s estate.

Did you expect to be included in a Will and believe you have been unfairly left out or provided for? Is the Will significantly different from previous Wills and the provisions are unusual and unexpected? Are you an executor where a family member, carer or household member is threatening to make a claim against an estate?

We can help clients navigate these issues and to successfully bring or defend claims.

The Wills, Estates & Trusts team is headed by Director Michael McGrath and includes the expertise of Consultant Robert Lindsay, Special Counsel Felicity Wardhaugh and Senior Solicitor Cavelle Lindsay.

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