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Your Divorce – 5 Steps

Obtaining a Divorce may feel like an impossible task when you and your former spouse have not had an amicable break up.   In most cases however, we can assist you to finalise you Divorce in 5 steps. 

These are:

  1. Wait 12 months from the date of your separation and find your Marriage Certificate. 
  2. Have our office complete an Application for Divorce for you.  This can be a “joint application” or a “solo application”. If you and your former spouse have lived in the same house for any period of time since your marriage ended, we may need to attend to some additional steps and some additional documentation will be required.
  3. We will then arrange for you to sign the Application for Divorce with an authorised witness – and if it is a joint application we will send it to your former spouse for them to sign too – and then we will lodge it online. You get to choose which Court location you would like the Divorce heard, and the date of the Divorce Hearing.
  4. If it is a solo application we will then arrange to have the Application for Divorce served on your former spouse.  Proof of service documentation must then be lodged with the Court, unless you make a joint application.
  5. If you have children under 18, we will then attend the Divorce Hearing with you to have a Registrar review and approve your Application for Divorce. If you have no children under 18, or you and your former spouse have made a joint application, you may not be required to attend the hearing, or we may be able to attend for you alone. Once approved, your Divorce will become final one month and one day later.

If you would like assistance to obtain your Divorce, please contact our office on 4928 7300.

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