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Trusted experience critical to settling disputes

When it comes to resolving legal disputes, many businesses and professionals brace themselves for what they believe may be a lengthy and costly battle ahead.

It’s not uncommon for some challenges involving professional negligence, property, wills and estates, to take several years to resolve, all the while amassing huge legal expenses.

Seeking the right legal guidance from the get-go is critical to achieving a good result if you are being challenged in the courts for civil, commercial, estates, property and professional negligence matters.

There are three main myths when it comes to settling disputes, particularly around  tricky contractual matters, professional negligence claims or disagreements about managing property.

Myth #1

Firstly, many people believe all litigation issues will take a long time to resolve.

That’s simply not the case whena clear strategy and approach on how best to proceed is in place from start to finish.

This is perhaps the most important first step in handling a dispute resolution process; have a good plan in place.

Myth #2

The second myth is that all dispute proceedings will be expensive.

While this may be true if inexperienced litigation lawyers are in charge, skilled litigators know what they are doing which adds real value to the process.

It’s also important to seriously consider the cost of not paying for appropriate legal services as this can lead to lengthy, expensive and ineffective results.

Myth #3

Good litigators are hard to find.

With businesses increasingly reliant on the expectation their best interests are always being served, the third myth is around seeking and securing the right kind of legal know-how.

Nothing beats experience when it comes to ensuring the best representation. Some issues can be highly complex, requiring specialised knowledge and expertise. Seek out legal services and counsel with a solid track record in successfully negotiating and meditating matters.

Should you – or your business be entering a legal dispute, make sure your early decisions about how to manage the challenge ahead are informed.

Getting those first steps right are just as important as achieving a good outcome.

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