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Reviewing old documents?

Did you make a Will years ago when a particular life event happened or you were going travelling? Perhaps you have forgotten what is in your Will?

If you are reviewing what is in your Will, there are three things you need to remember when doing so:-

  1. are you still happy with the person or people you have appointed as your Executor?
  2. does your Will reflect your current circumstances?
  3. have there been any significant life events or investments made since you last prepared or reviewed your Will?

Many people after they have made their Will then forget where the original is held. This may be because:

  1. you have moved towns or cities; or
  2. the law firm you previously engaged has merged with another firm that you are not comfortable dealing with; or
  3. the law firm you previously engaged to prepare your Will (or other documents) now no longer exists.

If you would like Mullane & Lindsay to help you review your Will or hold your original Will and other personal documents (such as title deeds, binding financial agreements or other estate planning documents) in our strong room, please do not hesitate to contact Cavelle Lindsay to discuss the process. It is a simple process and Mullane & Lindsay will hold your personal documents in our strong room, free of charge for as long as you wish.

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