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Perfect Time for Legal Business Check-up

The start of a new financial year is the perfect time to check you have all your legal ducks in a row for your business. We have survived the Covid 19 Pandemic and now it’s time to prepare your business for growth!

Crossing the legal ‘T’s and dotting the legal ‘I’s is always at the bottom of your business priorities. However, failing to do so can have significant impacts on the profitability and growth of your business as well as causing problems for your business succession planning.

1 July is the perfect time to get these items out of the way.

We recommend you focus your initial efforts on the following:

  1. Leases – Check the status of your leases ensuring that they are valid, current and in the appropriate business entities.
  2. Intellectual Property – Have you created any new intellectual property that should be protected by way of trade mark registration or other licensing protections?
  3. Terms & Conditions of Trade – When was the last time you had these terms reviewed and updated?
  4. Business Structures – Do you have appropriate shareholders agreements in place? Are your Trust Deeds up-to-date? Do you have a plan for the sale or exit of your business or succession of your business to family members?

We recommend you contact us at Mullane & Lindsay Solicitors to conduct a business legal check-up on your business to prepare you for the 2022/2023 financial year and a prosperous future going forward.

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