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Lost your Will?

Misplaced your Will? Your Will was recently damaged in a flood? Was it destroyed in a fire?

If any of the above circumstances resonate with you, you need to think about preparing a new one, particularly if the original has been lost and you have no copies.

When thinking about preparing a new Will, consider:

  1. Your executor: this is the person you appoint to carry out the terms of your Will. This person steps into your shoes to deal with your assets and to liaise with your beneficiaries.
  2. Your family circumstances and dynamics: has someone you previously included in your Will died? Are you a blended family? Are there any former spouses? Do all your children get along? Are there any estrangement issues between family members?
  3. Has there been any significant life events or investments made since you last prepared or reviewed your Will?
  4. Your assets and how you would like these distributed to your proposed beneficiaries.

If you would like Mullane & Lindsay to help you review your Will or prepare a new Will for you, including retaining your Will in our fire proof strong room, please do not hesitate to contact Cavelle Lindsay to discuss the process. It is a simple process and Mullane & Lindsay will hold your personal documents in our fire proof strong room, free of charge, for as long as you wish.

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