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Is your fireplace approved?

Section 68(1) of the Local Government Act 1993 provides that a person may only install a domestic oil or solid fuel heating appliance (other than a portable appliance) with the prior approval of the Council. Great Lakes Shire Council informs that an application under Section 68 must be accompanied by plans and specifications for the appliance and the fee payable is $224.05. The section provides that a person who fails to obtain an approval or who installs the appliance otherwise than in accordance with an approval has committed an offence and is subject to a maximum penalty of $2,200.00.

Often conditions are included in the approval such as;

(a)               Only aged, dry hardwood is permitted to be burnt in the wood heater,

(b)               Firewood must be stored undercover in a dry ventilated area,

(c)               Freshly cut wood needs to be stored for at least 8-12 months prior to burning,

(d)               The wood heater must not be permitted to smoulder overnight,

(e)               Sufficient air must be provided in the wood heater to maintain a flame,

(f)                The chimney must be cleaned at regular intervals.

If you have installed a solid fuel heater or a domestic oil heater since the introduction of the Local Government Act and if you have not obtained approval from the Council then you have committed an offence under the provisions of the Local Government Act.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under the Professional Standard Legislation

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