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Exercise Your Mental Health – Men’s Health Week

Physical exertion and exercise is not only of benefit to your physical health but also your mental health; improving your mood and the parts of your brain responsible for learning and complex problem solving.

As professionals we are no strangers to exercising our minds for our clients’ benefit. However, the anecdotal evidence is that we pay little to no attention to exercising for the benefit of our minds. I encourage you to view Men’s Health Week 2021 as an opportunity to turn your minds to your mental health and taking positive steps to improve your mental health by increasing your physical activity.

There is strong evidence that suggests that physical exercise assists in metal health by chemical releases in the brain and also helps to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation. As professionals, we spend the majority of our day sitting down in front of a computer screen loading up our minds with complex problems. Most of us have very little physical mobility throughout the day. Walking to the photocopier or to get a new cup of coffee does not qualify as physical activity!

Use this week as an opportunity to dust off that gym membership, join that social sporting team or start training for that half marathon. Gather a group of friends or your work colleagues to be involved in your physical activities to keep you accountable and develop a routine that is maintainable beyond Men’s Health Week. Challenge yourself and pay the appropriate attention to the exercise that your mind requires from a mental health stand point.

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