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Caring for an Elderly parent

We are seeing more children caring for their elderly parent(s) in the home of the elderly parent(s).

There are several aged care fees that may be relevant in these circumstances. Some of the most common fees are as follows:

  • Home care package fees: If your elderly parent is eligible for a Home care package, they will be given a certain amount of funding to cover the cost of services and support provided in their own home. Care recipients are not income and assets tested. This means Centrelink will pay the following:
    • the maximum basic daily fee;
    • the maximum (means tested) care fee; and
    • accommodation costs subject to annual and lifetime caps.

If your elderly parent receives an income support payment, they do not have to complete an assessment.

  • Carer Allowance: As a child carer of your elderly parent, you may be eligible for a Carer’s allowance. This allowance is income tested, and the amount you receive will depend on your income and other circumstances.
  • Home modifications: your elderly parent may benefit from making modifications to their home to make it safer and more accessible. The costs associated with these modifications, may be covered by government funding, grants, or loans.

If your elderly parent requires more intensive care and support than a child carer can provide in their own home, the parent may need to move into a residential aged care facility.

Overall, the fees associated with caring for elderly parents may be complex. It is important to seek advice and support from aged care professionals to ensure informed decisions are made

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