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Blended families – the importance of having a Will

Are you the husband, wife or partner in a blended family?

Estates for blended families can raise difficulties.  Children of the first marriage may not like the new spouse or the new spouse may not like the children of the first marriage.  Then when children are born into a second relationship, further complexity arises. Have you considered how your estate will be divided on your death, particularly if you both have children from a previous relationship?

The issues to consider when preparing a Will when you are a member of a blended family are as follows:-

  1. Who will be your executor?
  2. Obligations to provide or financially support your partner?
  3. How you will provide for your children?
  4. Obligations to provide for step children who have formed part of your household and been financially dependent on you?
  5. What happens if your partner remarries, how will your children be provided for in your Will?

You want to ensure your assets are protected or preserved in the best way possible, for the persons you want to receive an entitlement from your estate.

If you are a spouse of a blended family arrangement, and have not recently reviewed or made a Will, contact one of the solicitors at Mullane and Lindsay to review and discuss your estate and succession plan.

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