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Estate Planning

Mullane & Lindsay is committed to providing you and your family with peace of mind  - and knowing that your affairs have been carefully planned, and that those plans will be implemented efficiently after you pass away is an important part of that task.

Few of us like to dwell on the inevitable, but clear thinkers will want to invest the time and effort now, to ensure that loved ones and other intended beneficiaries will receive what you want them to have, as quickly and cost effectively as possible; or that business arrangements can be continued or unwound.

Mullane & Lindsay can assist you with all aspects of estate planning and administration, from drafting a simple will, to creating complex trusts. We can advise on issues such as how your assets are disposed of on death; whether property holdings should be changed during your lifetime to minimise taxes or duties; what tax is payable; and who has control of ongoing enterprises such as companies and businesses. We can also assist with any arrangements that may be necessary in relation to ongoing commercial enterprises – such as the sale or transfer of shares – to ensure continuity and business succession. The structure that is best for you depends on your personal circumstances and wishes, and we take the time to discuss these with you before making a recommendation. Our estate planning services include:

  • Detailed financial and property audits
  • Wills - including trusts and Powers of Attorney
  • Transferring or disposing of assets to legitimately minimise tax
  • Testamentary and other trusts
  • Superannuation Issues
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Claims and advice under the Succession Act
  • Financial Agreements under the Family Law Act

For estate planning enquiries, please contact us.

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